Victoria Rock Resort

Beyond comfort, Victoria Rock Resort presents a number of exciting outdoor
activities for you to enjoy at leisure. This resort hotel is strategically set overviewing the scenic Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest freshwater Lake. Visit Victoria Rock Resort, experience the taste of African freshness and serenity. Below are some of the unmatched outdoor activities to indulge in while at Victoria Rock Resort.
 Swimming
 Chimpanzee trekking at Ngamba Island
 Mabamba shoebill stork
 Nature walk
 Boat cruising
 Sun bathing
 Dinner and lunch cruise


At Victoria Rock Resort, it is beyond comfort. This resort hotel is set right at a
footstep of Lake Victoria beaches making an ideal place for Aquaphile persons to
realize their dreams. Come and soak yourself into our extensive beach area, enjoy
the cool waters of the Lake Victoria –Africa’s largest freshwater Lake. Our beach
section is safe for all kinds of swimmers, beach lovers and honeymooners.

Chimpanzee trekking
If you are an enthusiastic primate lover, a visit to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee
Sanctuary should be a must-do while at Victoria Rock Resort. This spectacular
tropical chimp island is surrounded by calm waters of Lake Victoria and holds a total of about 52 orphaned and rescued chimps. hence the  best  place for chimpanzee trekking
At Ngamba, it is all about exploring chimpanzees in depth. Get to learn about these unique apes’ history, conservation efforts and their behaviors. Join the team at
Ngamba during the feeding session, watch closely how these apes are fed, how they
respond and so much more.

Getting to Ngamba Island takes 45 minutes from Entebbe using a speed boat. There
is also a traditional motorized canoe but this may take you 1.5 hours.

Mabamba shoebill stork

Mabamba shoebill stork excursion is a full-day/half day search for the elusive
shoebill stork on the scenic Mabamba swamp/wetland. The shoebill stork tour is
done with local guide using a traditional canoe and involves navigating via the
beautiful papyrus reeds and open grass area.
Aside from shoebills, myriad of other birds can be spotted on Mabamba wetland.
These include yellow-billed duck, long-tailed cormorant, red-bellied paradise
flycatchers, rufous napped lark, grassland pipit, lizard buzzard, sooty chat, spur-
winged goose, white-browed cuckoos, papyrus gonoleks, purple swamp hen, African
fish eagle, pin-tailed whydahs, common squacco herons, black-crowned waxbill,
Northern-brown throated weathers, white-throated bee-eaters, pied kingfishers, long
toed lapwing, red-headed love-bird, egrets and more.

Nature walk
A nature walk at Victoria Rock Resort presents to you a remarkable opportunity to
chill, explore the environment, observe and enjoy the outdoors. This can be done
around the hotel facility or embark on a forest walk at Ngamba Island where you can
walk with chimpanzees.

Boat cruising
Be part of our memorable private boat rides as you explore and experience the cool
waters of Lake Victoria. Our boat rides are operated by an expert and you can enjoy
long hours with your dear ones at the most affordable rates.

Sun bathing

Bask at leisure right at our private beach area along Lake Victoria. Relax with your
dear one at the beach section while reading your favorite story book or jazz with your

Dinner and lunch cruise
Embark on our guided dinner and lunch cruise excursion on a comfortable boat. Our
cruise excursions are accompanied with tasty meals prepared by professional chefs,
plenty of drinks ranging from wines, soft drinks to beers.
In summary, at Victoria Rock Resort, guests have plenty of outdoor activities to be
part. Combine your ultimate comfort with some of the memorable outdoor
experiences and you won’t regret staying at our resort. We are open to all guests at
the most affordable rates.


2.5kms to Botanical Gardens

9.9kms to the Airport

3.7 kms to Entebbe Zoo

2.3 kms to Victoria Mall

Our Rooms

  • Single
  • Twin
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Conference Hall

Activities to do

  • Boat Riding
  • Swimming
  • Sun bathing
  • Bird watching
  • Nature walking
  • Chimpanzee Trekking
  • Dinner/lunch cruise

Special Offers

  • Birthday
  • Honeymoon
  • Marriage/Wedding anniversary