Chimpanzee trekking

While staying at Victoria Rock Resort, you can easily go for chimpanzee trekking at Ngamba island.
Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary was founded in 1998. This chimp sanctuary
is set on Lake Victoria about 45-50 minutes ride on a speed boat. Its creation was
primarily to shelter the orphaned and rescued chimpanzees. What surrounds
Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary is a stunningly extensive Lake Victoria.
At Ngamba Island Sanctuary, there exist more than 52 chimpanzees including males
and females. The sanctuary covers an area of about 100 acres and dominated by a
forest. Considering the size of chimp habitat at Ngamba, these apes’ reproduction is
controlled. About 6 infants have been born within the sanctuary.

About chimpanzee trekking session in Ngamba Island

The chimpanzee trekking involves spending long day in Ngamba Island forest
observing the daily behaviors of chimpanzees. Unlike in the wild where chimps make
new nests each day for a night stay, at Ngamba, the forest cover is compact.
The chimpanzees at Ngamba Island are enclosed in a double electric fence to
prevent them from escaping. They always keep within safe distance from the electric
fence although some have tried escaping via non-conducting tools. You need 1 day,
2 days or 3 days to explore chimpanzees at Ngamba or more depending on how
long you plan to stay for a holiday in Uganda.

Day excursions at Ngamba Island
At Ngamba Island, you can engage in day feeding session of chimpanzees with an
expert. The feeding is done in morning and in the afternoon. You take time and
watch an expert does his or her work. Chimpanzees are called by their names and
you can be amazed how they respond. The feeding session often takes time and you
will also observe the layers of organization and leadership of the chimps.

Overnight trips
It is possible to spend more than a day at Ngamba Island Sanctuary. By so doing,
you can be in position to enjoy about 4 feeding sessions with an expert, observe how
these primates behave, and take photos.
Caretaker of the day/volunteer experiences

There is also opportunity for tourists to volunteer as caretakers of the day. This
includes engaging in the cleaning of the holding facilities, feeding the chimpanzees,
preparing the fruits, gathering data about these primates, cross-checking their health
status and more.
It should be noted that Ngamba Chimp Sanctuary is managed by Chimpanzee
Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust. The conservation trust also partners with
about 6 other agencies/organizations including Uganda Wildlife Society, Jane
Goodall Institute, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Uganda Wildlife Education
Centre, and others.
Among the numerous objectives of Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary besides
protecting the orphaned chimps is educating the masses/community on these apes.
A visit to the sanctuary is one way you can support as an individual the different
projects intended to protect chimpanzees at Ngamba Island.
Getting to Ngamba Island
Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary isn’t far from Entebbe. The island is
reachable boat about 45-50 minutes on a speed engine boat and about 1.5 hours if
you happen to use the traditional boat.


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