Lunch/Dinner Cruise

Lake Victoria Rock Resort

Join our most memorable lunch/dinner cruise experiences on the beautiful Lake Victoria. Our lunch/dinner cruise excursions are most ideal for honeymooners on a safari in Uganda. There are lots of experiences to enjoy but none beats our lunch/dinner cruises.
Allow us to take you through a memorable lunch/dinner cruise experience on a scenic Lake Victoria. Come and experience our exclusive lunch/dinner/sunset cruise. Our dinner cruise excursions begin from 4:00pm. These come with some snacks, unlimited drinks, and dinner. The 2 or more hours on Lake Victoria allows you to experience the beautiful scenery, the charming islands and residential places in the surrounding. End your day with a bottle of wines and cheese plate.
On actual day of lunch or dinner cruise, you will leave Victoria Rock Resort. Carry with you a pair of binoculars, good camera, rain jacket, and catch up with our crew members. As you cruise, there is a chance to come across some birds, accompanied by off-beaten sceneries.

Where to stay
Victoria Rock Resort is an ideal place to spend a night after or before you engage in lunch or dinner/sunset cruise. This classic hotel facility has a composition of 23 rooms including the single, double, twin and triple. It comes with the best restaurant where your meal is prepared and for guests in need to enjoy some drinks, we have a fully stocked bar.
Each of the rooms in Victoria Rock Resort has numerous amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The common features include a comfortable beds, TV, private bungalows, toiletries and mores.

About Lake Victoria
All our boat cruise excursions in Uganda are done on Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake and Africa’s largest lake in the Great Lake’s area. Lake Victoria is and is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.


2.5kms to Botanical Gardens

9.9kms to the Airport

3.7 kms to Entebbe Zoo

2.3 kms to Victoria Mall

Our Rooms

  • Single
  • Twin
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Conference Hall

Activities to do

  • Boat Riding
  • Swimming
  • Sun bathing
  • Bird watching
  • Nature walking
  • Chimpanzee Trekking
  • Dinner/lunch cruise

Special Offers

  • Birthday
  • Honeymoon
  • Marriage/Wedding anniversary