Sun Bathing

Victoria Rock Resort

Great moments are best enjoyed and shared with dear ones on sun bathing. At leisure, go relax on warm the shores of Lake Victoria. Sit in the sun along private beach on Lake Victoria. Sun bathing on the beach area of Lake Victoria comes with multiple benefits. Come and lie along the scenic beaches along Lake Victoria, have fun.

As you relax while you sip your drink, watch the rest of the people as they carry out with their daily activities. Enjoy combination of the lake view and moment with your dear one.
Other exciting things to do at Victoria Rock Resort include swimming, dinner cruise, chimpanzee tracking in Ngamba Island, boat cruise, forest or nature walks.

Where to stay
Book Victoria Rock Resort for all your accommodation option in Entebbe. This is a 3-star hotel facilities offering wonderful stay. It is found 10km from the Entebbe city and has amenities. Victoria Rock Resort features luxurious rooms which offer excellent views over the lake and surrounding.

Available amenities/features/facilities at Victoria Rock Resort include balcony, restaurant and bar, reception, satellite TV, parking, air condition, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, dining area, private bathroom, sofas, comfortable beds and matters, to mention but a few.


2.5kms to Botanical Gardens

9.9kms to the Airport

3.7 kms to Entebbe Zoo

2.3 kms to Victoria Mall

Our Rooms

  • Single
  • Twin
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Conference Hall

Activities to do

  • Boat Riding
  • Swimming
  • Sun bathing
  • Bird watching
  • Nature walking
  • Chimpanzee Trekking
  • Dinner/lunch cruise

Special Offers

  • Birthday
  • Honeymoon
  • Marriage/Wedding anniversary