Attractions & Activities in Entebbe


Endowed with beautiful landscapes, lakes and a variety of hotels/lodges and resorts, Entebbe is
a must stop for all travelers coming to visit Uganda. Located in central Uganda, Entebbe is
home to Uganda’s International Airport (Entebbe) hence a gateway to all travel destinations in
the Pearl of Africa. There are lots of activities and attractions that clients can do and see in
Entebbe to ensure a complete and enjoyable Uganda safari.
Among the top attractions and activities in Entebbe include

Uganda Wildlife education center (UWEC)
UWEC is probably the biggest attraction in Entebbe serving as a zoo and a conservation
education facility. Visitors have an opportunity to encounter a variety of wildlife species like
mammals, birds and reptiles allowing visitors to interact with some of the wildlife in the zoo
under supervision of the trained staff. Visitors are offered a guided tour to expand their
knowledge on the different animal species and their behavior. Bird enthusiasts have a great
opportunity to watch many different species from one point. The facility also offers informative
sessions about the conservation of wildlife and the importance of preserving Uganda’s natural

Explore Botanical gardens
Botanical gardens is located in the heart of Entebbe town and is one of the best places for any
traveler to unwind after a long day. It is a hub for a variety of both local and exotic plant species
showcasing the rich botanical diversity of the pearl of Africa. Bird fanatics will have a great
opportunity to watch so many species in this quiet environment at Botanical gardens. Nature
walks through well maintained trails make Botanical gardens the best place for nature lovers to
be in the midst of the lush undergrowth. The gardens are also a hub for butterfly sanctuaries
where you can witness their lifecycle and the vibrant colors.

Relax at the shores of Lake Victoria.
Tourists can enjoy the serene environment at the lake shores of Lake Victoria, relaxing at the
sand beaches enjoying local dishes and fresh fish. A boat ride is the best way to relax after a
long day with experienced guides.

Boat trip to Ngamba Island to see Chimpanzees
Ngamba Island is a chimpanzee sanctuary located on Lake Victoria close to Entebbe town. It
was established to take care of the orphaned and rescued chimpanzees to rehabilitate and
reintegrate them to their natural habits. Boat trips to this island offer you scenic views of this
large waterbody as you approach the Island to watch the chimps over there. Guided Nature
walks in this quiet environment give you an opportunity to explore different species of flora and
fauna. Visitors are introduced to awareness programs to help in the conservation of

Chimpanzees. The Island also has overnight stays for visitors who wish to spend a night and also
learn more about the chimpanzees.

The reptile village
The reptile village of Uganda is a conservation facility located in Entebbe. It offers reptile
exhibits a variety of species native to Uganda and other regions. The major aim of this center is
to educate the population and visitors about the importance of reptiles in the ecosystem. The
interactive experience with some species gives deeper understanding to the tourists about
these species. Guided tours and snake demonstrations give a matchless experience of the
reptiles as trained staff teach you how to handle snakes.

Mabamba Swamp
Mabamba is a renowned wetland found near Entebbe on Lake Victoria. It can be accessed by
boat with a local guide to explore the matchless beauty of nature. Bird watching is a major
activity here offering an opportunity to watch the Shoebill stork and other water birds like the
Kingfisher. Boat trips around this area with a local guide introduces you to the swamp’s
ecosystem. Visitors also do community visits to meet people that used to kill birds that were
competing for fish but are now reformed.

Ssese Island excursion
SSese islands is a group of 84 islands on Lake Victoria in the pearl of Africa Uganda. Visitors
have a chance for beach retreats enjoying life on sandy beaches, relaxing from the daily
routines of life. The Islands offer exclusive water activities like swimming, fishing, kayaking and
sailing among others. Tourists can also engage in nature walks, cultural encounters, bird

Beach Tours
Being a peninsula surrounded by water, Entebbe is full of beaches. YES, beach tours is one of
the common activities done in Entebbe. You can visit any of the top beaches to enjoy a variety
of activities done there. Some of the popular beaches in Entebbe include Lido beach, White
Sand beach, Pearl Beach and Spenah beach among others. The activities that can done at the
beach include boat cruising, canoeing, swimming, nature walks and volley ball playing among

Where to stay in Entebbe

Entebbe is blessed with a long list of luxury, midrange and budget facilities which provide you
with first class food and accommodation services.

Victoria Rock Resort
Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, 10 kilometers from Entebbe International Airport, Victoria
Rock Resort is your best place to stay in Entebbe. The 3-star hotel offers you luxury
affordable accommodation services together with various outdoor sports and other relaxed activities.
The resort comprises of 23 big rooms which can be arranged as single, twin, double, triple and
family depending on the choice of the clients. Each room is self-contained with a private balcony and
sitting area.

In general, Entebbe offers you a variety of interesting outdoor activities. Ensure to take part in
different activities for a lifetime experience during your stay at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

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