6 days Honeymoon Experience in Entebbe

Your 6-day honeymoon experience in Entebbe is a delightful blend of adventure, wildlife
encounters, relaxation, and romance. Here's a detailed itinerary for you.
Day 1: Arrive
Day 2: Boat cruise and nature walk
Day 3: Mabamba Swamp tour
Day 4: Visit Ngamba Island for Chimpanzee Tracking
Day 5: Relaxation and dinner cruise at the resort
Day 6: Departure

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Arrival
Arrive in Entebbe and check into your chosen accommodation, setting the stage for your
romantic getaway. Spend the day unwinding from your journey and soaking in the atmosphere
of this beautiful lakeside town. Perhaps take a leisurely stroll along the shores of Lake Victoria
or explore the local markets to get a taste of the vibrant culture. Dinner and overnight at
Victoria Rock Resort.

Day 2: Boat Cruise and Nature Walk
After breakfast, embark on a scenic boat cruise on Lake Victoria, admiring the breathtaking
views and serene waters. Explore the lake's islands and shoreline, keeping an eye out for
wildlife such as birds. Disembark for a nature walk through the lush surroundings, guided by a
knowledgeable local expert who can point out the area's flora and fauna. Return to your
accommodation in the afternoon and enjoy some downtime together, perhaps with a romantic
dinner overlooking the lake.

Day 3: Mabamba Swamp Tour
Today, set off after breakfast on an adventure to Mabamba Swamp, renowned for its incredible
birdlife and the elusive shoebill stork. Embark on a guided boat tour through the swamp,
navigating its narrow channels and dense vegetation in search of avian treasures. Keep your
binoculars ready as you spot a variety of bird species, from colorful kingfishers to majestic
African fish eagles. If luck is on your side, you might even catch a glimpse of the iconic shoebill
stork in its natural habitat. Return to Entebbe in the evening and enjoy a romantic dinner at
Victoria Rock Resort where you will also spend your night together.

Day 4: Visit Ngamba Island for Chimpanzee Tracking
Today, venture to Ngamba Island, home to a sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees. Embark on a
boat ride to the island, where you'll have the opportunity to observe these fascinating primates
up close in their natural habitat. Join a guided chimpanzee tracking experience, learning about
the individual stories of the chimps and the conservation efforts aimed at protecting them.
Afterward, enjoy some leisure time on the island, perhaps with a picnic lunch or a stroll along
the scenic trails. Return to Entebbe in the afternoon and spend the evening relaxing and
reflecting on your memorable chimpanzee encounter. Dinner and overnight at Victoria Rock

Day 5: Relaxation and Dinner Cruise at the Resort
Today is all about relaxation and enjoying each other's company at your resort. Indulge in a
couples' spa treatment, take a dip in the pool, or simply unwind in the peaceful surroundings. In
the evening, embark on a romantic dinner cruise on Lake Victoria, savoring delicious cuisine as
you watch the sunset over the water. Toast to your love and the unforgettable memories you have created during your honeymoon in Entebbe. Return to Victoria Rock Resort for

Day 6: Departure
After breakfast, bid farewell to Entebbe as you check out of your accommodation, check out
craft shops for souvenirs and transfer to the airport for your onward journey. Depart with
cherished memories of your romantic and adventurous honeymoon experience in this
enchanting corner of Uganda.
End of the 6 days Honeymoon in Entebbe.

 All meals on trip
 5 nights’ accommodation
 Airport transfers
 All activities as mentioned
 Souvenirs
 Optional activities


2.5kms to Botanical Gardens

9.9kms to the Airport

3.7 kms to Entebbe Zoo

2.3 kms to Victoria Mall

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Activities to do

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  • Swimming
  • Sun bathing
  • Bird watching
  • Nature walking
  • Chimpanzee Trekking
  • Dinner/lunch cruise

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